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Our Story

LaVon Private Luxury was born out of the recognition that there was a void in the travel industry for delivering personalized, high-touch experiences to discerning travelers who sought more from their journeys.


As we have grown, we have transformed into a comprehensive lifestyle resource, collaborating with our clients in every aspect of their lives to deliver holistic solutions to creating a legacy of memories.

Our fundamental belief is that luxury travel transcends simply booking your next trip; it embodies a lifestyle curated for you. Your distinct preferences and aspirations shape the experiences you desire, and we possess the expertise and resources to transform your dreams into reality, ensuring you live life to the fullest and travel with absolute contentment.


Whatever grand adventure you envision, rest assured that we are here to make it an immersive, tangible and memorable experience.

This commitment to individualized luxury sets our bespoke concierge-style services apart, offering a holistic and proactive approach through signature trip design, bucket list portfolio planning, and comprehensive lifestyle concierge services.


With us, your journey becomes an exceptional, tailor-made masterpiece that caters to your every whim.

Commitment to Diversity

In the travel industry, representation holds significant importance. As a woman and black-owned business, LaVon Private Luxury is firmly committed to advocating for change and fostering recognition within the realm of luxury travel. We dedicate ourselves to collaborating with partners, brands, and suppliers who actively embrace and uphold our shared values while publicly voicing their commitment to these endeavors. By promoting diversity and inclusivity in the industry, we aim to create a more vibrant and equitable landscape for all travelers and industry stakeholders alike.



LaVon Private Luxury represents a diverse collective of independent travel curators backed by an outstanding support team all hailing from various corners of the world. We are not merely connoisseurs of travel, but true artisans who have dedicated ourselves to the pursuit of extraordinary living and exploration. Throughout our personal and professional journeys, we have cultivated invaluable connections within the realms of travel, hospitality, entertainment, fashion, art, and other facets of the exquisite lifestyle, which we harness to craft tailor-made experiences across the world. Whether you seek a profound cultural immersion, a retreat to the latest luxury wellness haven for mindful relaxation, or a once-in-a-lifetime multi-generational family holiday, we extend a warm invitation to indulge in luxury travel, defined exclusively by you and curated to perfection through us.

Tiffany Lavon .JPG

Tiffany LaVon Layne

Founder & CEO | Private Travel Specialist

Necoh Mitchell

Necoh Mitchell

Travel Designer | Eco Luxury Specialist

Nammi Setty

Nammi Setty

Travel Designer | Luxury Safari Specialist

Diane Lohmeyer

Diane Lohmeyer

Travel Designer | Luxury Cruise Specialist

KatieA profile.jpeg

Katie Apicella

Curator of Special Programs

Sarah Borealis

Sarah Borealis

Operations EA | Support Team

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