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Nammi Setty
"Travel is the extraordinary odyssey that has woven the tapestry of my life with diverse cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and countless stories, etching an indelible memory in the chronicles of my journey."

Nammi Setty

Travel Designer | Luxury Safari Specialist

Nammi, a globetrotter driven by an unwavering wanderlust, has explored over sixty countries spanning six continents. Throughout her journeys, she has immersed herself in captivating cultural festivities like the Chiang Mai Lantern Festival, witnessed top-tier sporting events including all four tennis Grand Slams, indulged in luxurious spas, and embarked on breathtaking African safaris. A self-proclaimed epicurean, Nammi has savored the finest gastronomic delights the world has to offer, from Singapore's vibrant hawker stalls to three-star Michelin restaurants in Paris.


After a successful career as a lawyer, Nammi realized her true passion lay in merging her love for travel with her keen eye for design. Consequently, she established her own company, dedicated to enhancing interiors through inspired and well-traveled design. However, answering an inner calling, Nammi has embarked on a new professional journey. Drawing upon her extensive personal experiences and her innate ability to help friends and family realize their unique travel dreams, she has joined LaVon Private Luxury.


With her legal background, artistic inclinations, firsthand adventures, and profound affection for travel, Nammi possesses an exceptional attention to detail and an unparalleled talent for curating impeccable destinations and itineraries to cater to even the most discerning clientele. Her ultimate objective is to fashion extraordinary and tailor-made experiences, infused with a touch of opulence, for her esteemed clients.

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