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Necoh Mitchell
"Travel is a never-ending, worldwide school, full of beautiful experiences, outstanding encounters, and the most treasured memories of your life."

Necoh Mitchell, VCTA

Travel Designer | Eco Luxury Specialist

Necoh's affection for travel blossomed alongside her growing family, starting from the time her sons were mere infants. As the designated family travel planner, she reveled in meticulously organizing every detail, determined to optimize their time and create unforgettable experiences. This innate passion for travel gradually transformed into a flourishing career within the industry. For Necoh, travel holds the power to shape us into better individuals. Exploring diverse cultures bestows upon us an invaluable education, one that surpasses the confines of traditional classrooms. Necoh firmly believes that these awe-inspiring encounters also present us with an opportunity to reciprocate, leaving a lasting impression of respect and appreciation with the communities we encounter.


Driven by her deep-rooted love for nature and the environment, Necoh delved into the study of sustainable practices within the travel industry. This pursuit ultimately led her to specialize in Sustainable and Eco-Luxury travel. Nevertheless, she excels in providing exceptional services across various forms of luxury travel, as attested by her satisfied clients. Necoh lives by a guiding principle: "It is our responsibility to leave the communities we visit in a better state than when we arrived. We can embark on incredible journeys while also leaving our planet more beautiful." Despite the passage of time, Necoh continues to embark on adventures with her family. Her grown sons still eagerly anticipate the remarkable trips she curates for them, a testament to her enduring ability to create cherished memories.

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Pennsylvania, USA


Virtuoso Certified Travel Advisor 



Family & Legacy Travel

Eco Luxury Wellness

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